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Is Health Coaching For Me?

Are you feeling unmotivated, less fit than you'd like to be, not eating as healthily as you would like, lacking in energy, or not sleeping well? Do you lack joy and quality time with people or 'Me-time' to yourself and your life feels out of balance? Are there situations in your life that you find are out of your control, that are causing you to become anxious or stressed? Has your get-up-and-go got up and left?

Regardless of where you are in life and what your well-being is right now, health coaching is useful if you are well and want to stay well, if you want to change behaviour or habits that are not supporting your health, if you are physically or emotionally unwell and want to get better or if you simply are curious and want to dive deeper in discovering yourself, your well-being, your strengths and resources for positive lifestyle choices and healthy ageing.

As your Health Coach, I will listen carefully to your story, ask questions and provoke ideas so that we can clearly set goals that are realistic and achievable. For most people being healthy and well means having a good level of physical, emotional, social, cultural, and mental well-being

A health coach is a guide or mentor who will help you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and well-being, while providing support, motivation, and accountability along the way (Watch a video on 'How Health Coaches guide your journey to wellbeing' here.). Professional health coaches follow the HCANZA code of conduct and all you share is strictly confidential. They use communication methods based on positive psychology, behavioural change (CBT/ACT), motivational interviewing and have knowledge of the NZ health care system and about evidence/science-based lifestyle medicine (fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress, anxiety, chronic diseases). Health coaches give no medical advice, they encourage and support you to communicate with your GP and health practitioners, and work with you alongside them.

With all the advice available from family, friends and health carers and from all sorts of on-line medical, wellness and social media experts, it can be confusing and difficult to identify what are really YOUR GOALS, what is IMPORTANT to You and what WORKS for YOU.

As a health coach I help bring clarity and focus to your thoughts and feelings and enable you to identify those goals and the values behind them. You will explore what success or failure means to you. What motivates you and what time, resources and support are available, and how you can use them to succeed. We also aim to talk about any barriers you experience and what actions you can take to manage or overcome them.

Health coaching is a process and works on your agenda, with your strengths and knowledge. I encourage and sometimes challenge and I create a safe space that is free of judgement and totally yours. And no matter what, I always believe in your ability, resilience and possibility to learn, grow and change, when you are ready for it.

How Does Health Coaching Work?

You have found my website from a personal recommendation, a recommendation from your doctor, your health practitioners or in a web search so you have already decided that the status quo in your life is not sustainable, and that there's room for improvement.

You are motivated - that’s a great first step.

Suffering health issues as we get older should not be considered 'normal'. My goal is for a long, healthy and enjoyable life. I will also bring professional knowledge and experience in aged care to support you and to get you Well On Track.

"The next step is yours

Please contact me via phone, text, email or Facebook Messenger. I am happy to work with you remotely via Zoom or similar, or you can visit my practice room for face to face sessions.

Now you can either choose a 30 min trial session, free of charge, where you see how I work and decide whether using me as your health coach works for you and is a worthwhile investment.

Or you are ready to start and we arrange a time for your first session, where we'll explore what your topics, needs, goals, values and challenges are. I'll learn about you and your life. We’ll talk about what you and I can commit to, what our expectations are, and we'll set the dates for the appointments.

In the following sessions I'll facilitate the process of change and your-moving-forward towards your goals. The last meeting is usually an evaluation and closing session, or you might have new goals and want further support.     027 930 5310