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Health Coaching Sessions

I offer as many sessions as you feel you need to achieve your goals. I have listed some packages here to give you an idea, however we can work together to address what suits you best. I can coach you in person at my practice room in Motueka or in the comfort of your own home or remotely, whatever suits you best.

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Health Coaching Taster session FREE

One 20 to 40 min. coaching session, one-off.

For anyone who is curious about health coaching in general and who wants to know how I as a Health coach work.

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Package One - Value $195.00

Three 60 min. coaching sessions, time frame 3 to 6 weeks

One support call/message between sessions.
10% discount for Well On Track activity programmes (Conditions apply).

Additional sessions $60.00

Suitable for short-term goals, advice only or people with great self-motivation who just want start up help.

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Package Two - Value $360.00

Six 60 min coaching session over 6 to 12 weeks

Contact and support calls/messages between sessions.
Info material on coaching topics.
20% discount for Well on Track programmes/events (Conditions apply).

Additional sessions $55.00.

Suitable for medium term goals such as short-term stress situations, imbalance or those who simply want more healthy nutrition, more physical activity, improvement in their social life or who just want some support, accountability and a space for Me and self-care time.

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Package Three - Value $ 600.00

Twelve 60 min coaching sessions, time frame 3 to 6 moths

Contact and support calls/messages between sessions.
Information material on health topics.
A follow up coaching support call two, four and six months after sessions ended.
A 25% discount on Well on Track activity programmes (Conditions apply).

Additional sessions $50.00.

Suitable for long-term and multiple goals and for changes of old and longstanding habits, that feel hard to give up. It also suits also people who thrive within the support and trust in an established client-coach relationship and who succeed while taking small steps at a time.

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Well On Track Activities And Programmes


Community group 'Walk 4 Health Motueka', call me for info or visit

Small group activities & Health coaching - Value $120.00 plus.

The focus is on health promoting practical activities, in a safe and supportive small group, with my input and guidance.

Are you curious enjoying exploring, experimenting, learning and sharing and you thrive in a small group with people who face the same challenges and have similar aspirations? This might be for you and might especially suit guys, who like doing more than talking.

The activities can be physical: such as walking, tramping, cycling or exercising, or curious self-exploring and experimental: such as intermittent fasting, practicing good morning routine, cold water dipping/swimming, or learning about Low Carbohydrate/Healthy Fat, Keto or Mediterranean cooking.

Group size 6 to 12, usually local, time and duration depend on activity and group. Most activities require a minimum of 6 committed people. Bring a friend and get a discount. If you are interested or want more information, please contact me. You might be just the one more person needed to start the programme.

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Follow for specials, gift packages and updates on current and future activity programmes.